Thursday, February 7, 2013

8 Things Your Woman Really Wants For Valentine’s day

The following are 8 rules for men that could transform Valentine’s Day into a holiday women can enjoy and maybe make them feel loved.
1. Gifts are fine but they should be something that she really wants. Not a gift a man wants a woman to want.
2. Rather than entering the home with expectations of romance and desire, ask your Valentine what you can do to lighten her load. This should be something that is built into marriage every day — but certainly try it on Valentine’s Day.
3. Clean the house, and do it well. Don’t do it in a manner that will predictably cause her to think that she never wants you to do it again because it was really half-hearted.
4. Do the laundry, and do it well.
5. Make dinner or make reservations. This should be a night your wife doesn’t have to cook.
6. Offer to take over all household duties for the evening so that she can take a long bath, read a book, watch her favorite TV show, etc.
7. When you get into bed, let her sleep if you can see that’s really what she wants. Don’t try to manipulate her into feeling guilty because she is not receptive to the idea of intimacy just because it is Valentine’s Day.
 8. If she wants to heat things up, try to put the focus on her and what you know is pleasurable to her. If you don’t know what is pleasurable to her, that’s a sign of a real problem in your sex life.The way to a woman’s heart is to show her that you are thinking of her and her needs not you and your needs.Relationships that keep the focus on the other person’s needs when trying to "gift" them generally end up being the most romantic relationships.
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